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We appeal to the members of JVP for to work with diligence to place class struggle in the party’s core. We call upon you to delete communal and election mode politics and come out as a party with class awareness. Self criticise the self-motivated terrorism of the past and work towards politics of the masses.




The information emanates to the public says the party’s internal contradictions are factional and on the other hand it is a form of approach to capture the leadership. From the time you gave support to Mahinda that had been followed by the support to Sarath Fonseka are detrimental issues. Your approach towards ethnic issue and election mode politics are questionable. Even though the detail of the debates based on these do not come to light, it is being concluded that priority is given to class awareness politics.

Of course, this type of difference of opinion is basic and integral. It is favourable for revolutionary situations. It is capable of bringing a change in Sri Lankan politics. There is confusion among the Sinhalese masses who identified Marxism through communalism and election based politics.

The announcement by a faction who differ with the centre, that they do not accept secession shows that their opponents accuse them of supporting secession. At the same time the centre accuses the opposing faction as they act contrary to comrade Rohana Vijayaweera’s ethnic policy.

It shows that this argument is based on ethnic conflict, the main contradiction in Sri Lank. If secession is opposed and the right for autonomy is accepted, it will be a new milestone in the leftist movement of this country. So far no political party has done this. It is not clear whether JVP is trying to do this.

In this context, if the Sinhalese youths overcome the communal propaganda by the Government and others that a split under a Tamil’s leadership and approach the situation on political grounds, that too a significant change.

Today in Sri Lanka, it is vital for JVP to put forward the following policy changes for pave way for revolution.

Reject secession and uphold the right of autonomy

Reject self motivated terrorism and all other non-class awareness politics and uphold class struggle of the masses

Make class struggle mandatory in politics.

Reject election mode politics and self criticize the past election mode.

Make the past communalism questionable and at the same time self-criticism is vital.

New Democratic People Front

28 September 2011-10-01

(Leaflet no. 009)



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தமிழில் துண்டுப் பிரசுரத்தைப் பார்ப்பதற்கு இங்கே அழுத்தவும்