On the International Human Rights day, Lalithkumar and Kuhan Murugan have been abducted by Government Mercenaries and they are missing. We, the New Democratic People Front, appeal for their immediate release.

We give our strong support to the island wide demonstration and show our solidarity with the participants of procession for the release of the abducted.


Lalithkumar Veeraraj, coordinator of the newly emerged organisation “people struggle movement” in Jaffna District, disappeared without any trace along with Kuhan Murugan, who accompanied him. This is another clear indication of Government fascism. The Government forces and their tamil subordinates, were stretching their fascist hands towards the Tamil population in the North and East throttling their activities to restrict the struggle for their rights and their rise against the Government oppressing machinery.

After the end of the genocidal war in May 2009, media personnel, social welfare fighters, leftists, political critics, who had concern for the welfare of the people, either have been sent out of the country or murdered for their barehanded struggle for freedom of speech and writing and for voicing against the state suppression. Among them were many Tamils.

Now Suppression of Sinhalese citizens is coming to the surface .The victory of the war gave the government’s perpetrators the strength and cover to carry out these abductions and killings. Now it is clear that irrespective of the ethnicity, the state power is always prepared to repress any people who raise their voices against it. The Sri Lankan state went into the remote villages and killed thousands of Sinhalese youths in the past. The present situation again reveals the very truth. This is contrast to what Tamil narrow nationalists said that the state power is only against to the tamil people.


Disagreeing or overlooking are not only sham politics but amount to abetting. People raising voice for missing people too are now missing. Beyond this, The Government’s terms of democracy and freedom of speech are only fakes and the reality is just the opposite.

Under the Sri Lankan situation where all lawful actions are being curtailed, talking about basic human rights itself is life risking.

The Sinhalese who raise their voices for the missing Tamils during the genocidal war too are missing now and that type of missing is another turning point. What the ambition and strategy of the racist hardliners among Sinhalese are to divide the people ethnic-wise and allow them to fight with each other. Now their target is the annihilation of people who work jointly with ethnic harmony.

Many thousand Tamils surrendered or taken for inquiry or abducted by the so called “unidentified persons” were missing without any trace in the past. State terrorism’s aim is to suppress the struggle of the relatives by any means and in the worse to kill such people.

In Jaffna the military forces has check posts in each and every corners of the streets. They have the through knowledge of what the common public are engaged with. In this atmosphere, the demonstrators were missing. Anyone can easily guess what could have happened to those who have been abducted. They have been illegally taken to be tortured and their survival will be decided there.

In the present context of state terrorism, people live like zombies. The Government fascism, irrespective of ethnicity and religion, adopt ways and means to eliminate any persons fight for their own rights.

There are  several occasions our Sinhalese brethren were victims of the tyranny of state fascism. Again they started experiencing the same tyranny. In June 2011, Rosan Sanuka, a worker and stood up for the rights of workers, killed by armed forces. The government message to Labour class is that the government will call armed forces to crush any procession of the labour class struggles. The demonstration followed by his death created vigilance not only among Sinhalese but also among all Sri Lankans.

Through all these oppressions will turn the mind of  the Sinhalese people to realise and change their false view that army is a machinery of patriotic warriors to suppress only the Tigers.  This realisation comes sooner or later from their own experience, because the narrow nationalist always hide the root and the truth of issues the people seek solution for. The uprising of the Sinhala masses against these oppressions, on the other hand , will open the eyes and minds of the tamil people who unknowingly follow the narrow Tamil nationalists propaganda that the whole army machinery is the protecting sword of the Sinhala population.

The fight of united workers against suppressions eradicates all the illusions.

  • Release immediately Lalithkumar and Kuhan Murugan!
  • Recognise the lawful rights of the people!
  • Stop the state terrorism!
  • Terminate the army rule and implement lawful governing!
  • Build up Civil Social setup!
  • Order for independent inquiry regarding missing persons!
  • Release the names of all persons in custody!
  • Bring to courts all unlawful prisoners!
  • Close all unlawful detention camps!
  • Close all torture centres!
  • Arrest all mercenary murderous groups!
  • Ban the mercenary parties aligned with the Government!

இலங்கையில் ஜனநாயகத்தை நேசிப்பதும், மனிதவுரிமையைக் கோருவதும் குற்றமா!?